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Now, twin counterbalancers mounted on each side of the crankshaft rotate in the opposite direction to the crank itself, quelling vibration.2017 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Engines Tech Brief Unlike some of the liquid-cooled M-E touring models, only oil/air cooling will be offered on the Softails.

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“The way they rode their bikes was a little bit different from the average Softail customer,” noted James, meaning they valued better handling and more lean angle – you know, the dynamic capability that was one of the stated goals of the Softail project.

Of the two platforms, the Softail was always the prettier one.

So, the rigid-mount helped us do that.” While the style of the chassis/engine combination was important, the primary factors affecting the new frame’s design were performance related.

The redesigned Softail frame is 65% stiffer than the previous one, and if the stiffness is calculated from contact patch to contact patch, the resulting improvement is 35% – that’s after passing the forces through the steering head and the swingarm pivot.

Now, before you go jump on your beloved Dyna and ride off into the sunset, screaming about the heresy, leaving us with little more than the smell of tire smoke and a lingering vision of a raised middle finger over some dual shocks, read on.

You might just find that what the artists and engineers at the Product Design Center (PDC) have done for the performance-minded Harley riders actually suits your tastes. With a company that values its history as much as Harley-Davidson does, nothing is ever designed from a truly clean sheet.

When Harley-Davidson released its updated 2017 touring line with the new Milwaukee-Eight engine, it didn’t take any insider information to figure out that the new powerplant would eventually propel all of Harley’s Big Twins.

Well, that time has arrived with the announcement of the Motor Company’s 2018 model lineup.

While the engine upgrade itself isn’t much of a surprise, the way HD chose to craft an all-new Big Twin chassis around the Milwaukee-Eight is huge news.

We’ll let Paul James, Manager, Product Portfolio for Harley-Davidson explain: “In model year 2000, when Softails got the Twin Cam engine, the mantra was ‘We changed everything without changing a thing.’ Those bikes were all new and different, yet they cut the same style and look as the bikes they replaced. Our intent was to move this design language along.” And design isn’t the only thing that changed.

We’ll just get to the point and repeat the subhead of this article: “The Dyna and Softail lines, as you know them, no longer exist.” In fact, the Dyna line doesn’t exist in any form at all. Dyna lovers shouldn’t fear the loss of their favorite models, though.

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