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In June of 1778 Alston Point was indeed under threat of American attack.The exact date of the destruction of this settlement is unknown, however, due to Walker’s forethought of installing a battery, his post was probably the last in the Bay to be plundered.He came to Nipisiguit as sort of a retirement from the battles and had ideas about fur trading, fishing, lumbering and ship building and this is what he and some of his crew did successfully for many years.

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After this affair, Walker returned to England, and was upon his representation of the state, condition and resources of the country, appointed to a subordinate command, under the Admiral on the North American station.

When the expedition entrusted to his care was about to sail, it is said he died of apoplexy.

He died September twentieth seventeen seventy seven. id=3 “With the outbreak of the American Revolution Walker knew it was only a matter of time before his Nipisiguit settlement would come under attack.

By 1777 American privateers were raiding all territory that remained British.

The archaeological site of Commodore George Walker’s trading, fishing and shipbuilding establishment at Alston Point is a protected New Brunswick Historic Site.” John Young and his crew remained in the area for many years afterwards, he married Magdeleine Dedam a native Mi’kmaq and they had six children.

Philippe, Marie Francoise, Nathalie, Etienne, Jean, Marguerite.

Like the foam that disappears when it comes into contact with the hot sand, the sorrows are washed away and forgotten... In any case, the arrival of a foreign emissary will take up all your time.

But the wind rises, the sea's swell beats against the cliffs.

My ancestor Etienne Young (sauvage) was born March twenty-seven 1785.

I added sauvage in brackets because this is how his name is portrayed on his birth records.

I looked up master cooper because I was intrigued to know what went on in Bathurst back then: “A cooper is someone in the trade of making utensils, casks, drums and barrels and other accessories, usually out of wood, but sometimes using other materials.

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