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This system is characterized by in-text citations that refer to a particular work by naming the source's last name and year of publication in parantheses (name, year). References for a typical webpage includes the following: Harvard is the most common referencesystem at SLU.The Harvard referencesystem is characterized by in-text citations that refer to a particular work by naming the source's last name and year of publication in parantheses (name, year). If a book consists of contributions from several authors it's called an anthology. It's common that books consists of contributions from several authors and perhaps you have only used a specific chapter in your work. Conference proceedings are a compilation of lectures presented at a conference.

They are arranged chronologically according to their SFS number, which consists of the year and a serial number, e.g. There are other collections of laws and regulations that apply to certain government authorities, for example the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's code of statutes (NFS) or the Code of Regulations of the Swedish Board of Agriculture (SJVFS).

lang=en&search=Article:145 [2016-11-01] All laws and regulations are contained in the Swedish Code of Statutes (SFS).

This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities – in decision-making and resource allocation.

A feminist government ensures that a gender equality perspective is brought into policy-making on a broad front, both nationally and internationally.

References for pamphlets should be written as follows: Naturvårdsverket. Read more about using others' images and how to write references "Public documents" refers to various documents and publications produced by the government, parliament, authorities, and municipalities. For instance, reports published at SLU are collected in Epsilon. Keep in mind that images are usually protected by copyright and must not be published without without permission from the author.

Regardless of the manner in which you cite the source, it is always important to ask the person for permission to quote them. Keep in mind when re-using pictures and photographs created by others and not available under the Creative Commons-license that they are usually protected by copyright. Usually you do your own table or figure but if you re-use images they need acknowledgement of a source. Jönköping: Statens jordbruksverk References for maps contain the following information: Sveriges geologiska undersökning (2004). [Cartographic material] 1:1 500 000 Uppsala: Sveriges geologiska undersökning (SGU). References for public documents should be written as follows: . Following example is from a journal: Mc Conaghy, F. 25N SV, Haparanda SV : traktens karta med hus, småvägar och stigar. This can include minutes, motions, propositions, investigations, etc. Such references should follow the format below: Lundqvist, P. If you want to refer to a specific table or figure write the reference as usual, but in the text you also need to refer to the page in the document where to find the table / figure. If the resource you are citing is part of a larger work then it is important to make clear to the reader what part of the work to which your citations refers. References to student projects are written as follows:: . Hippologenheten/Hippologprogrammet (Fördjupningsarbete 2010: 392). The Government sometimes works with issues requiring a thorough examination. Avaliable at: map's URL [2011-06-29] Read more about writing references and copyright for digital maps in these recommendations (in Swedish). Text before it is published or may not be able to provide full details.

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