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[Feed Blitz vs Feed Burner]A: Goto your Feed Blitz control panel and export the list of email subscribers as an OPML file.Then send this list via email to Feed Burner support ([email protected]) and they’ll import your Feed Blitz subscribers into Feed Burner.

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Say your main feed address is – then for each category, you may create feeds like instead of

Feed Burner supports the the slash separated directory structure in the URLs.

Once the migration is complete, do remember to change the code of email subscription form on your website from Feed Blitz to Feed Burner and then deactivate Feed Blitz syndication. My Feed Burner feed address is

I want to change the feed URL to something like but without telling my existing subscribers to update their RSS readers.

I had a weird experience with feedburner few days ago.

It took over 24hrs for feedburner to update my feed which normally take a maximum of 30 minutes.

If you haven’t heard of Feedburner skip to the end of my post to learn more.

However, if you do use Feedburner and occasionally run into a problem where your feed publishes a rogue post or you wish to remove a post entirely, you may be interested in knowing that you can force an update to your feed. Pretty simple, if you do encounter a similar situation where you want to remove an RSS item immediately.

Otherwise you will be forced to wait up to 30 minutes for Google to update the feed.

If you are unfamiliar with Feedburner, it is a service that provides additional information about your RSS feeds.

Q: How do I add advertise my Feed Burner feed in GMail or Yahoo! A: Grab the Headline Animator graphic here and then follow the guide to embed HTML Image Signatures in GMail. First, you can redirect your Blogger feed effortlessly to a Feedburner feed as described here.

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