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It is for this reason that they also offer clients debt consolidation loans up to R15 000.

This means that they settle their clients existing debts on their behalf, giving clients only one affordable repayment to make each month.

That may ding your credit score for awhile (big woop, you don't need a credit score anyway), but it's better than having your house taken away from you.

Credit cards and medical debt are unsecured debt, which means they can't seize any of your property if you can't pay.

For your convenience, they offer personal loans at affordable rates from R1000 – R15000 over six to eighteen month periods.

They know the urgency of your application and pride themselves on their same day response turnaround time.

At Debt Fix, we know everyone's situation is different and we understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to managing debt.

For this reason, we present affordable options specifically tailored to suit your situation.

The best part is, once paid out, the money is yours to spend as and when you need it.

To apply for a loan with them, click on the Apply button on their website and fill in your personal details online.

Have you ever considered taking out a home equity loan to consolidate your debt?

There are a lot of people out there giving personal finance advice that will advise you to do that when you have a lot of debt and you're trying to get it paid down or paid off.

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