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The role of the moderator/facilitator is to provide support and guide conversation, as needed, throughout the chats. The moderator's role is largely determined by the wants and needs of participants in each chat. If anyone has came up with a open source solution recently please post.

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Note that we had a challenge not present for a typical Ska Date installation: migrating ~1100 user accounts (and mail messages) from one unknown system to another.

Expect some bugs and frustrations, but hey, you only paid 0!

The sound is much clearer than in ordinary phone conversation.

The members will be able to play nicely drawn and programmed Flash games!

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Some limitations apply for the flash applications compared to licensed mode (limited time, users) but all php scripts come with source under gpl and can be changed / integrated as needed.

Many of the developers and startup sites use the free versions.

Our live, weekly online chats provide a friendly forum to share experiences and chat with others about anything from the initial phase of diagnosis to treatment and survivorship. This chat is open for you to discuss any issue related to living with NHL: a new diagnosis, treatment decisions, relapse, treatment side effects, emotional toll, fatigue, interpersonal relationships, clinical trials, living with uncertainty, etc.

Each chat is moderated by an oncology social worker.

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