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Many things contribute to a person becoming homeless: lack of affordable housing, increasing criminalization of homelessness, and mental illness., there is a serious gap between the amount of affordable housing and rental assistance available, and the amount of people who need such help.

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Without a doubt, sleep is the biggest issue for homeless people.

Sleep deprivation for even just a night or two can vastly affect your productivity and mental processing.

Imagine what sleeping for varying amounts in strange environments over several days does to your body, your circadian rhythms, and your mind. Unfortunately, this is the case for many homeless people.

It’s not uncommon for homeless people to start taking drugs to stay awake, and then using different drugs to get themselves to fall asleep – developing a dangerous, unhealthy habit.

However, in many a guest finds themselves sleeping among other people who are up making noise talking to themselves or each other, fighting, yelling, drunk, and suffering from hallucinations or mental illness..

Many emergency shelters require residents to pass a drug and alcohol tests.Over time, a vicious cycle emerges that makes it more challenging for homeless people to transition to a more stable living environment.Emergency shelters were designed to give the homeless a place to sleep for the night.Compared to 2001’s numbers, one-eighth of these housing units are permanently gone.Since the 2008 crisis, over 5 million homes have foreclosed.Here is our Free Online Chat Rooms and another chat room, Chatting and Uk Chatter Box alternative.

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