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I recalled many moons ago when I was in my teens I worked in KFC Malaysia as part-time kitchen hand (kitchen helper) after school.

Sometimes when the restaurant is too busy I have to help the Cook to prepare the chicken in the basket before place in the pressure fryer.

Sorry we don't know what it's the contains of the ingredients,it's just written as ingredients (A) or (B)..

Anyway, I try to re-create frying chicken style of KFC using pressure fryer but sadly my home don't have pressure fryer like KFC but I do have pressure cooker!!

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Meanwhile prepare coating the chicken thigh.2: Coat marinated chicken thigh into dry flour mixture all over the thigh then dip into egg and milk mixture,again bring the chicken thigh to coat with flour mixture all over,set aside.

Repeat the same procedure for all the chicken thigh.3: When oil is hot enough, I don't use temperature gadget to check the temperature,just flick some flour ,when it's sizzling it's ready.

I know consume lot of fried food is unhealthy but what the heck! Hubby told me in USA this franchise is called KFC not other name because of lawsuit.

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