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These were grass-roots, personal efforts, and now there's an even easier way to encourage children and involve adults in learning who's who in your family - a true multi-generational effort in the form of a family memory game created by My for its members.

My has just created a family memory game - a set of family photo cards personalized for your own family - and that can be played like other matching picture games.

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The Rule of Three gained notoriety for being particularly difficult to explain.

The number 40 has a several Gematria interpretations (listed here), ranging from stealth and secrecy, to deception, destruction, brightness and birth.

The number 40 is important mathematically, because it expresses the third generation of the Rule of Three.

The latter enables a form of cross-multiplication that allows a first jump into simple algebra; when you have three numerical values you know, cross-multiplication enables you to find a fourth unknown value designated by x: The Rule of Three was a shorthand version for a particular form of cross-multiplication, often taught to students by rote.

They soon recognized their ancestors and relatives.

Marlene Bishow of the JGS of Greater Washington (DC), hosting this year's 31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, shared that her grandmother went over index cards with family information with Marlene.

Letters of the Hebrew alphabet were ascribed numerical values, such that the mathematical sums embedded in written words conveyed transcendent symbolic messages.

To continue HOTTC's series on Forty Days and Forty Nights, this post explores the powerful meanings associated with the number 40 in Jewish culture.

Several years ago, I interviewed several major Jewish genealogy personalities for a Jerusalem Post article on how to get children interested in genealogy.

Judith told me that since her grandchildren were toddlers, she would spread out the family photos and go over their names.

The card sets are available through the company's new partnership with .

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