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This experience is about much more than just not spending money.

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I’m amazed that I, a man who used to say I was going to be a millionaire, now forgo the thought of money on a daily basis, but it is in fact the case.

I have learned to live simply and because of that I live more freely than I ever have before.

Here is my guide of how to travel the USA for free without mooching: Gear Up with Some Necessities In order to be self-sufficient and travel sustainably you may need to spend a little bit of money upfront but if you buy everything used you won’t need much money to get going at all.

Shop at thrift stores and second hand stores or use sharing economy websites like Yerdle and Craigslist.

Often you can get free parts from community bike shops or in exchange for volunteering.

Dumpster Dive for Food It’s a shame but in the USA we throw away enough food to feed another entire USA.

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These trips were downright grueling but I came out of them knowing for certain I could travel without money.

Now I’ve made it a way of living and over the last month and a half of traveling moneyless there were only a few remote occasions when I even had the urge for money.

With a resourceful mind you might not even need to use money to get the necessities.

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