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SEAN BAKER: It was because this is the area where I was made aware of this type of fringe family housing situation. This is a national problem, however, Chris Bergoch, my co-screenwriter, brought it to my attention from [the Disneyworld area] first and it wasn’t until I did research that I realized this is a nationwide thing.

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We can call one and change our address or password, pay bills, and even withdraw money.

The report says that call centers are the “weakest links in online security.

61% of fraud losses from account takeovers involve the call center.” Pindrop estimates that losses from calls to call centers were $14 Billion last year.

How does the call center know it is really talking to the right person?

A new report provides some startling insights into how widespread this fraud is and how successful it can be.

There are call centers who handle customer service calls for banks, credit card companies, major retailers, and a variety of other entities.But also, it was about the message we were trying to get out there. BAKER: No he’s from Jersey, but he took family trips down there all the time and eventually his sister worked for the cooperation and now his mother lives down in Lincoln City in Orlando area.I think that people would be taken aback by it the same way I was taken aback by it and getting people’s attention became a big driving force. So he had a strong connection and continues to have a strong connection with it.Bobby is more than a caretaker of the property he’s a caretaker of these forgotten souls; particularly a young mother (Bria Vinaite) and her wild daughter (Brooklynn Prince).Along with care-taking, this includes some tough love, too.For example, a caller pretending to be you may claim they have lost their credit card and ask that a replacement be sent to a new address controlled by the fraud.

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