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Complete Google Hacks List (and some more) is moved here from the comment.

You could even combine exact phrases and search for “sausage biscuit” ( Sometimes you want to exclude a keyword from Google searches, and sometimes you want to include a word that Google thinks is too common and usually excludes.

Google automatically ignores many common words, such as “and,” “or,” “of,” “a,” etc. This is usually not a bad thing, because the common words would just slow searches down and not yield better results. Anything inside quotation marks is automatically included in the search, and the search will include the exact phrase.

Searching for “sausage biscuits” will search for only the exact phrase sausage biscuits. Searching for “sausage biscuits” |”cheese sauce” searches for either the exact phrase sausage biscuits or the exact phrase cheese sauce.

If you’re searching for more than one phrase or keyword in addition to the Boolean, you can group them with parenthesis, such as recipes gravy (sausage | biscuit) to search for gravy recipes for either sausages or biscuits.

The search would look something like this: This will find Web pages that are relevant to the keyphrase “feeding iguana,” and it will only list results that have the word “feeding” in the title.

If you’d like to restrict the search further, you could search for: – Find by File Type.

“Boolean logic” is something that is used in all sorts of computing applications, not just search engines.

Thx to handymann81 There are two basic Boolean search commands supported in Google, AND and OR.

Google can let you restrict your searches to only certain file types.

This can be very helpful if you’re looking specifically for file types, such as Power Point, (ppt) Word, (doc) or Adobe PDF.

Make sure that you do put a space before the plus sign and do not put a space between the plus sign and the search word you want to include. In some search engines, you’d exclude words by using the “NOT” syntax. To conduct this search, you could type “pot bellied” -pig.

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