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I do have a pain cave at home but I travel a lot and use this for the Hotel gyms.It can certainly be used at home or at your local gym.

And you have an HR strap for when you need one anyways and it will broadcast power for your cycling computer as well. I’m not sure why more folks don’t start off this way but power meters aren’t cheap so I always recommend folks try this out first.

NOTE: Just found this out, its possible the Power Cal HR Bluetooth doesn’t work in Bluetooth mode on i Phones above 5s? In that case, you will need to use the Cable method below. For this to work you need an i Phone or i Pad that can run Zwift’s apple app.

If you go for a subscription it $15 a month so then you can apply your savings from this method.

Pair your Power Cal to your i Phone either via bluetooth or Cable.

There are other reviews online as well but basically yes it works.

Not as exact as a meter 10x more expensive, but enough to have fun on Zwift.

You will then get to the Ride page, select Ride and start riding!

It won’t be a perfect experience, but it will work and it will be fun.

If you are willing to say, spend 00 or more you can get yourself a pretty sweet pain cave with any number of direct drive doodads then this isn’t the post for you. First off get the Cycle Ops Power Cal Bluetooth HR strap.

But if you have no idea if you will like Zwift this is how to try it out with the least outlay of cash. Let’ say you have 0 bucks, an i Phone and a gym membership? You will need an HR strap anyways and this will work fine as one outside of Zwift.

So now that it’s super super easy to see activities instead of just super easy, all heck broke loose. A few things we can glean from these heat maps, 1 it’s extra boring to run on a base and 2 nobody goes outside of the base.

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