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Saying the current Rothschilds “own” the Bank of England is like saying Bill Gates owns the Federal Reserve. Yet another conspiracy theory based on a poor interpretation of history, mixed with old-fashioned Jew hating.

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The first is a picture of prominent family member Jacob Rothschild, a respected British investment banker and a direct descendent of Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

While Jacob is renowned for his business acumen and philanthropy, this particular meme isn’t so respectful, contrasting him to a crudely drawn picture of billionaire tyrant character Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons.

There are all kinds of goofy conspiracies about the Rothschilds having central banks in all but 3 or 7 or 9 countries.

However, as Brian pointed out in his Skeptoid episode about the Rothschild conspiracy theory, the era of the Rothschilds “controlling the world’s money supply” is long over.

But not so quiet as to keep internet sleuths in the dark, I guess.

As usual, this is a nugget of information that only those “with their eyes open” know.There are several possibilities for who Alois’ father could have been, and historians have generally agreed that it was a journeyman named Johann Georg Hiedler.This was the name that ended up on Alois’ birth certificate, though it was long after his birth.Of course, conspiracy mongers interpret this as these countries “kicking the Rothschilds out” when no such thing is true. And I must have missed the last time we went to war with Iceland, but maybe it’s in a non-Rothschild funded history book.The whole “Rothschild Central Bank” myth is many different kinds of wrong and should be dismissed without a second thought.As with most internet rumors, this one rest solely on rumor taken as fact.

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