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Growing up, I always enjoyed whenever I got to visit Granny Solange, especially when it was on my own, without my parents.

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After showering I changed into a tshirt and shorts and slumped onto the couch and started watching a ball game.

An hour or so later, Granny Solange shuffled into the kitchen from outside and asked if I was coming to join her outside, as she made herself a cocktail.

Granny Solange playfully swatted me with one hand as she took a sip of her coffee.

She then told me that this was my summer vacation, so I should just relax and enjoy it.

I so much more enjoyed visits with her than with Nanny Barnes, my paternal grandmother.

Not to speak ill of her, but Nanny Barnes was just too much of a straight-laced old woman, and I rarely had fun during visits with her.

As a result, there were fewer visits with Granny Solange over the next few years.

She did come and visit us a few times, but always seemed much more reserved.

I told her I was in the middle of watching a game, but she playfully chided me and told me it was beautiful outside.

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