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She agrees, as Emma wants to help Henry realize on his own that fairytales aren't real, and they agree to meet at the diner for a full report.From a book, Mary Margaret reads the story, and John Doe, while still unconscious, grabs her hand. Whale can find nothing amiss, she hurries to the diner the next morning to inform Emma and Henry what happened.Regina strolls in and asks how her walk with Henry was.

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Emma urges Ashley to decide on her own if she wants to change her life, and then do it. Emma's efforts to look for her all lead to dead ends.

Taking the advice literally, Ashley breaks into Mr. She talks to Ruby at the diner and eventually figures out Ruby gave Ashley her car to flee town. Whale shows up and asks if she quit the volunteer position at the hospital because of him.

Twenty-eight years later, Emma steps into Storybrooke, and decides to stay in town for a week. There, she is given a free cinnamon hot chocolate by Ruby, Granny's granddaughter, who works as a waitress at the diner.

Ruby states she has an admirer, to which Emma looks behind to see Sheriff Graham sitting in a booth.

Noticing Owen is in her seat, Regina asks him to move, but he refuses, so she takes the seat next to him.

She notifies Kurt that she gave orders for his car to be fixed within a week.She does, however, go on to express a desire to get married and have children in the future. Unhappily, she asks for the check as Ruby passes, and the date ends on a bad note.The next day, Mary Margaret is asked by Emma, per Henry's request, to read the Snow White fairytale to a hospital coma patient, John Doe, as the boy believes she is Snow White and the man is Prince Charming.Taking supplies, they use a map to hike to the nearest highway, but before they can, Owen spots a town in the near distance.Kurt can't believe the sight because they drove through the same area yesterday, which was completely barren.Mary Margaret believes she got through to John Doe somehow, and she and Henry hurry back to the hospital as an astonished Emma trails behind.

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