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Albert Brennaman consults Alex Hitchens for advice because he has fallen in love with a celebrity named Allegra Cole.

The setting can be identified as the New York City area because of one of the scenes.

When Hitch takes Sara water skiing, they travel around Ellis Island, where they see the Statue of Liberty.

Albert Brennaman thinks that dancing with Allegra will be no problem.

When Albert and Hitch are talking in Hitch's apartment, Albert says that he knows all of the latest moves.

Eva Mendes plays Sara Melas, who works for a big time newspaper company and is always looking around for a juicy story. His job was to help less confident people find their soul mates.

In this movie, Hitch helped different guys learn how to talk to their potential interests, how to act once they were on a date, and many more interesting things they would need to know to be successful on the dating scene.

Albert is one of the consultants who works in a company where Allegra is one of the clients.

Will Smith has certainly made his fair share of box-office smashes, including 'Bad Boys', 'Men in Black' and 'Independence Day', but I think most of his fans will always remember him as the 'Fresh Prince' from his days as a rapper and television idol. While he was eating his lunch he dropped mustard on his pants, tried to wipe it off and ended up spilling his soda!

Alex Hitchens is "The Date Doctor." He helps men to land dates.

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