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I still don't think you understood what I was saying.You are generalizing and tend to jump to conclusions quickly.I think it's more to do with poverty and tourism.

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This is especially the case if you're a non-Muslim woman.

I can't count the number of times men made crude comments to my gf.

And that is fine with me, it's a tourist city and you would find similar cities around the world.

I personally tend to avoid Marrakesh and Casablanca.

It's sad that technology that I had a hand in creating is abused like this, and it really pissed me off that my website was a direct tool for blackmail. "All the bots I tried it on did that same thing, so apparently they're all from the same software, and maybe even the same organization.

But at least that particular ring got shut down, however it is likely they moved on to other ways of reaching their victims. Intelligent, articulate, and technologically adept, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that in a place with more opportunities a young man of Omar's talents could find a legitimate way to earn his 0 a day. Not many places on earth can a person earn that for simply being smart."He isn't so bad after all.

Perhaps this is based on an unusual and unrepresentative experience, but after six weeks of being harassed, conned, and abused I'm unlikely to return to find out different.

Your contention that they treat everyone this way, regardless Of race, religion, or nationality, isn't comforting.

The shopkeeper maneuvered us so we were facing each other, and then shoved his hand down the back of her jeans (I don't want to be more graphic) where I couldn't see what was happening, chatting away to me all the time.

She looked extremely uncomfortable and asked to leave the store, so we did.

I understand how what I said might offend you, but I clearly said It was more related to poverty and tourism than Islam and that my experience of Fez was completely different, so I wasn't generalizing about Muslims or Morrocans.

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