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The old jail building made for some cool photos; I walked through town, past all seven colourful buildings, and continued into the park. I passed a pair of crows gnawing on a red skeleton only meters off the road.

The scene seemed appropriate for the flat nothing that was south park.

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It’s not just the 11 guys on the field, it’s an entire organization.

And in the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve just been struck by the synergy that goes through this (49ers) building. Maybe that’s why Chip Kelly sounds so happy to be in San Francisco. Because, in a rare moment of brazen audacity, On Tuesday, Roseman spoke with reporters in Mobile, Ala., clearly excited to return to the NFL’s most fertile pre-draft exercise after his year of exile.

The sun was low when I got back to the truck- I had the treasure wrapped in an extra t-shirt.

It was right at the point where I was getting the last of the warmest direct heat; The sky was a light gold.

You don’t need game tape to discuss roster bonuses. When Kelly and his scouting staff targeted free agents Frank Gore, De Marco Murray and Byron Maxwell, Roseman knew a lot more about their 2015 seasons than how much they affected their teams’ salary caps. Roseman had no more business scouting football players in 2015 than Ruben Amaro, Jr. Without question, Kelly was a disastrous general manager, far worse than Roseman ever was.

Nothing more astonishing will emerge from the Eagles this week unless Roseman negotiates Sam Bradford’s new contract in Les Bowen’s hotel room, on speakerphone. But for all of the accusations that Kelly’s heavy hand made the Eagles’ offices tense, it couldn’t have helped things with Howie sitting in his darkened office, dissecting Utah games to “evaluate” second-round corner Eric Rowe. The veins are called pegmatites- coarse igneous rock with grains at least 2cm.Most pegmatites, including the ones around Lake George, are simply coarse granites- composed of quartz, mica and feldspar and hosting a range of exciting minerals and crystals. The mineral was once considered only to exist in a few spots in the llmen Mountains of Russia and was named after similar green stones found near the Amazon River. Today, two locations in Colorado: Lake George and Pikes peak, The Llmen Mountains and a possible locality in western Montana are the only places where the mineral is known to occur.It is highly valued as a gemstone- blues, greens, and sometimes red in the lower quality crystals.Amazonite is commonly found crystallized with Smokey Quartz. A single large, blueish hunk of it was the best that I got- Im certainly not complaining!There was plenty of such material already laid and cleaned with rain- I resorted to scavenging the tailings of existing holes.

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