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If you have received this message in error, please advise the sender immediately by reply e-mail and delete this message. Hi Sahil, I believe this can be done by implementing the Http Session Binding Listener Interface.

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One of my test cases verifies the logout behavior of our application, which invalidates the session and redirects the user back to the login screen.

Problem is, when I invalidate the session, I get the following exception thrown: com.meterware.httpunit. If the user refreshes Welcome.jsp, IE resubmits the Logon Form containg the username and password, Logon Action accepts these values and 'presto' the user is in again.Basically, if the user logs out from welcome.jsp, then backs up with the Browser 'Back' button, they can refresh the page and become logged in without re-entering the username and password because these values must be stored in teh request. The first page is the Logon page where the user enters logon id and password which gets stored in session.During logout I am clearing these values before calling invalidate() so why is the application letting me go everywhere after logout though I do have check Logon (checking session for stored objects).If it is valid then call reset Token and that value will be removed from the session.

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