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Host Bob Harper makes a surprise visit to give a killer workout while the other trainers push their teams to the limit back on the ranch.

Season 17, Episode 9 CCTV-PGHD This week the competition moves to singles.

The winning team gets to choose a player from the opposing team to sit out at the weigh in. Huizenga at a medical research facility for a sobering look at how the food choices people make can mean the difference between life and death.

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After getting a brand new look from head to toe, the players get to show off their new slimmer selves to loved ones flown in to celebrate their big day.

Later, they learn they're competing in a Last Chance Challenge with one of their loved ones for an advantage at this week's weigh in.

They can either reconnect with the real world and enjoy coveted video chats with their loved ones back home, or get exclusive use of the gym for an entire week.

Season 17, Episode 5 CCTV-PGHD This week the teams are mixed and the contestants are forced to create new bonds.

Host Bob Harper meets the contestants and trainers in the gym for a last-chance challenge that proves to be one of the most difficult yet.

Season 17, Episode 6 CCTV-PGHD Host Bob Harper hosts an auction to win some flashy and functional prizes.

Season 17, Episode 12 CCTV-PGHD The five remaining players gather for their final challenge, a time-honored tradition of contestants putting back on all the weight they've lost over the course of the season and then shedding it one last time at different stages.

The winner receives a coveted prize that could secure their spot as a finalist as the competition goes from five players to three, before next week's live finale when the Biggest Loser and winner of the 0,000 prize will be chosen.

The challenge gives one team the choice of relaxing on a yacht for an entire day reading letters from loved ones or getting exclusive access to the gym.

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