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An enterprising sort who knew her strengths, Olivia Jean decided to stick to the instruments, playing all of them on a demo that she recorded, then handed out "just for fun" at a Dead Weather show. "Jack got a hold of one of them," she said of White, who grew up in southwest Detroit and became a Nashville resident in 2005.

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The gifts became less lavish as the Markels welcomed a son and another daughter into the family to join Olivia Jean and her older sister.

But for a budding musician, the most valuable presents came around the age of 7.

I got really lucky to have them as mentors, every single one of them." , this throwback to the future plays electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano, organ, Moog, drums and other percussion instruments, but still believes there's always room for improvement.

"I always enjoy fooling around on piano," she said. So I'd love to actually be able to know what I'm doing." , has been responsible for making many of his female apprentice's musical dreams come true, starting with the Black Belles, an all-girl group.

Her aunt gave her "a neon yellow journal with green aliens all over it," she said.

"And it was my first journal I ever had, and I was so excited, I asked her, 'Should I make it a journal or should I write lyrics in it? And I remember I made it into a lyric book" that, Olivia Jean sadly noted, must have eventually "got lost in the sands of time." A year or two later, she received the Christmas favorite of her childhood to complete the musical trifecta.

I've been doing this my When the subject of that holly-jolly-est of holidays came up, Olivia Jean laughed and confessed, "I've never been a Christmas person.

I'm either super-sick on Christmas or super-stressed out. It's a very stressful day." Yet, she was merrier than Tiny Tim while fondly looking back at her childhood, when her parents let the kids watch the Charlie Brown special and marathon and "mom would decorate a gigantic Christmas tree for us." It was as a toddler when, Olivia Jean said, the children received "the most extravagant gift I ever remember" -- a battery-powered Barbie jeep.

For her birthday, Olivia Jean received "a no-name electric guitar" from "a little music store right down my street" called Full Score Music.

Then the power of words stoked her creative fire at Christmastime.

"At first, of course, you're like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe this is happening,' " she said with a shy laugh.

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