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Sitting on one of the overstuffed couches at the Chateau Marmont Hotel, Mc Call exudes the kind of confident disposition that comes with a successful Hollywood career.

It was like we were exploiting this beautiful actress, treating her like the proverbial piece of mindless meat.

Now, though, we have no qualms advertising those pictures. Because the actress herself recently told Health magazine that she wished she had embraced her naked side more often.

No-one in his family worked in show business – his older brother, and best friend, Stuart, is a Sussex policeman ("I do it on telly, he does it for real"), and his mum Maggie, now retired, was a nurse.

On top of that, he only spent a year at drama school.

I'm usually the youngest one there and we drink tea and eat biscuits."And if Mc Call can't meet up with the Los Angeles CSC (which also boasts Billy Connolly as a member), he'll watch the action on his computer, something he's planning on doing as he prepares to return to Albuquerque in New Mexico to shoot the second series of Crash, with Dennis Hopper.

Not as instantly recognisable as his Band of Brothers co-star Damian Lewis, Mc Call has carved out an impressive career.The fact that he got to act beside a music legend meant very little to him at 13, but it paid dividends for the young, free and single actor when he arrived in Hollywood eight years ago."My room-mate had the video in his collection, which was kind of weird," he laughs."But he would throw it on at two in the morning when we brought the girls home and I'm not going to lie, it did well for me. I've been in this business for 20 years now and it's the one thing that people still bring up.Dressed casually in jeans, white T-shirt and accessories that comprise of a John Lennon belt ("I got it from a photoshoot I did recently, but to be honest I'm more of a Paul Mc Cartney fan"), a rosary and three striking tattoos, he's happy to talk about how this self-confessed "naughty kid" now finds himself the lead in a show alongside one of Hollywood's modern icons.After ordering a pot of coffee from the waiter – whom we conclude, by studying his chiselled jawline and buff physique, is one of the many hopeful actors who survive in Hollywood by waiting tables – he explains how he became a child actor."I admit I was a bit of a naughty kid but in a nice way.It's difficult to be The Ghost Whisperer when you feel like a heart breaker.

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