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If you are offered a job, don't accept it on the spot!

Pay attention to your gut instinct, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. In order for someone - anyone - to want to network with you or hire you, they have to believe there is something in it for them. Perhaps they are empathetic; however, this isn’t always the case.

Finally, being able to regroup, analyze opportunities for change, and move on makes you better at being on your own side, like a good friend or a supportive colleague or partner.

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Being able to get up when life knocks you down will keep you from missing opportunities.

Plus, resilient people exude confidence, strength, and happiness – attractive traits to hiring managers and everyone else.

It's pretty easy to wind up feeling like a wallflower who didn't get asked to the prom when you've been looking for a job for some time and coming up short.2. As in dating, get ready to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince or princess.3.

Relationships of all kinds are bigger than one person.

These are some of the same activities successful job seekers put into play. You generally have to meet a lot of people before you find the right fit for a relationship. Pick up an etiquette handbook if you are unsure of what constitutes good manners. Show interest but do not be too available or easy (desperate).

Be careful what you confess on your first date/meeting/interview.

By Hannah Morgan Job Search and dating both conjure up feelings of discomfort. Here are 15 of the basic rules of dating and how they apply to job search: Know what you are looking for. Don't talk about a job too early in the process of networking, that is like talking about what you want to name your children on the first date. Another reminder: turn your cell phone off before the date/meeting/interview.

And yet, they are the necessary evils that you have to endure to achieve the desired outcomes.

Finally, the Recession may be over, but companies are still moving slowly when it comes to filling positions and signing new hires. Think about the happiest, most successful people you know. At work and in their personal lives, they bounce back.

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