Kathleen robertson dating

That's when they finally allow each other to hold hands and kiss, and everyone's like, "Oh my God, are you two together? It's not like we're talking about dating on a nuclear sub. You would hope that coworkers who are dating can act professionally.

Kathleen robertson dating

The chameleon Mark Ruffalo plays Coles, darkly handsome, brooding and creative (he’s an animator), the kind of guy women fall head over heels for before they find out just how many hang-ups and flaws he has.

Maya Stange plays Sam, Coles’ victim of the heart, and Kathleen Robertson plays Thea, Maya’s roommate.

The party is right out of my past– in a city apartment, dark and sparsely furnished, party-goers drenched in an alcohol buzz, Sonic Youth playing in the background.

Drunk guys and girls circle around each other, looking for the chemical attraction that could provide a night of sexual bliss and maybe more.

I was 25-26 back then, probably a few years older than their characters were, but I also had some pretty complicated and confusing romantic relationships that had a pretty big impact on me years later.

I’m sure most people can relate to one degree or another In the beginning of the movie Coles and Sam meet at a party after noticing each other earlier in the day on the subway.

I’ve like Ruffalo in nearly everything I’ve seen him in, and while he portrayed a truly flawed person, causing the most emotional collateral damage out of all the characters, you can’t help but feel for the guy, to hope and pray he gets his act together before he hurts someone else or himself further.

A less nuanced performance would have flattened Coles into just another asshole, but Ruffalo and the writing/directing makes him much more complicated and thus, empathetic.

We were on location, and they met and they were wildly in love and everyone knew it. How cool would it be to have Abraham Lincoln as a notch on your bedpost? MS: I'll have to chalk that up to you being Canadian.

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