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He was even nominated for the best supporting actor award for his performance as L in the 30th Japan Academy Prize.In a separate report by Anime News Network, Matsuyama expressed his joy of once again playing L in the big screen.Matsuyama said he was very pleased that he could play L again after so long.

He added that he is grateful for this work to let him search for the L within himself.

's original 2003-2006 supernatural suspense manga, a teenager named Light finds a notebook with which he can put people to death by writing their names.

Confirmed, however, is that L sends his message to his righteous successor Ryuzaki to explain why he decided to use the Death Note to stop Light Yagami 10 years ago.

But in this new film, 2016 is a highly advanced information society beset by global cyber-terrorism.

Thus, only six shinigamis may only exist in the world at a single time.

This rule has all been present in the original manga series but previous adaptations have totally disregarded this one.

― No, this is not a manga spin-off of one of the numerous “Tales of” video games.

Even creator Maybe is a little embarrassed about how similar to that franchise his manga's title is, but he assures us that it's merely a sim...

He begins a self-anointed crusade against the criminals of the world, and a cat-and-mouse game begins with the authorities and one idiosyncratic genius detective.

A crucial plot element will be the "Six-Note Rule": only six Death Notes are allowed to exist at a time in the human world.

So let's have a look at what ANN readers consider the best (and worst) of the season. No other part of making a DVD or Blu-ray is as complicated, error-prone, or a...― Welcome to Part II of our 4-part history of Studio Gainax. Studio GAINAX was one of the first studios to bring together merchandising and anime production under one roof.

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