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Now that the Huddah Munroe bubble has also been burst, the Vera Sidika bubble too was poked with a needle, with these taken out of the pile, I wonder if there’s anything more Kenya has to offer as far as women are concerned.

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It’s easier to find a heart-broken Kenyan man than one who can comfortably praise his woman for her love.

The only reason why Ugandan women end up taking all the Kenyan men is because love from Ugandan women is still pure, it’s undefiled by standards.

A Ugandan woman is comfortable driving a stick-shaft, for a Kenyan woman, it’s automatic all the way. Married Kenyan Women have abandoned their roles as wives In Kenya, the maids do all the work.

The maids cook the food, the maids sing the husbands to sleep, the maids breastfeed the children. In Uganda, once one gets a wife, the wife will wake up early in the morning, make breakfast for the husband, and prepare the children for school.

By Our Reporter For a long time, I held Kenyan Women in high esteem. Because back in the days, Kenya was the country that seemed like the Heaven of East Africa.

It’s not until I begun to travel to Kenya and stayed over for longer periods that it suddenly hit me how Kenyan women were wildebeests in disguise.

At least in Uganda, a woman will appreciate when a man goes out of his way to provide for her.

Kenyan women have this deeply embedded self-entitlement.

Not just those, most Kenyan women are moving chimneys.

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