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He said motorists traveling south on PCH go up a gradual incline that does not allow them to fully view oncoming traffic until they reach the intersection and that the roadway would be safer with a left-turn signal. I felt really good about who he was.” Tennant testified that Ekbatani proposed to her in December 2013.

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“As much as I loved and cared about him, the transition from girlfriend and fiancee to caretaker was difficult,” she said.

“I had to say no to more job opportunities than I would have liked.

Ekbatani underwent 13 surgeries on his left leg and always carries a backpack with him that contains supplies to help him tend to that limb, Mardirossian said.

ince 1857, the company operated by Mathias Klein and his descendants to the fifth generation, has grown and developed along with the telecommunications and electrical industries where Klein pliers first found major usages. Klein Tools also supplies a line of occupational protective equipment, which is exhibited in a separate catalog.

“It just became too much,” said Kelli Tennant, who was engaged to Amir “Nick” Ekbatani.

“I’m trying to build my career at the same time I’m trying to keep this guy alive.

She said she encouraged him to take up music to take his mind off his situation, but that his mediocre singing talents later led her to encourage him to get vocal lessons.

Tennant narrated as Mardirossian showed images of a Ekbatani from the time he was a boy, his days as a player at South High, his UCLA career and later during an ESPN broadcasting stint.

During the hearing, Ball’s lawyers asked if he could travel freely on the roads on and around campus, which was granted.

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