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Memcache is an additional cache layer that keeps a limited amount of data fetched from the minion data cache for a limited period of time in memory that makes cache operations faster.It doesn't make much sence for the Set memcache limit in items that are bank-key pairs.

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However, when the temporary credentials expire, you will be re-prompted for another MFA code.

Example configuration using Warning The following describes a method of sourcing credentials from an external process.

I.e the list of minion_0/data, minion_0/mine, minion_1/data contains 3 items.

This value depends on the count of minions usually targeted in your environment.

Profiles that aren't the default profile are specified by creating a section titled "profile profilename": controls whether parameter validation should occur when serializing requests. You can disable parameter validation for performance reasons.

Otherwise, it's recommended to leave parameter validation enabled.The data is cached via the cache subsystem in the Master cachedir under the name of the minion or in a supported database.The data is used to predetermine what minions are expected to reply from executions.The Salt system is amazingly simple and easy to configure, the two components of the Salt system each have a respective configuration file.The salt-master is configured via the master configuration file, and the salt-minion is configured via the minion configuration file.For instance, if you have unicode characters as part of a key on EC2 you will need to make sure that your locale is set to a unicode-compatible locale.

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