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In most browsers you can press CTRL (CMD on a Mac) and the plus key (" ") to increase the font size.

CTRL/CMD and the minus key ("-") decreases the font size and CTRL 0 (zero) returns it to normal.

Kim's Club members: Log in to your Kim’s Club account here. At the bottom, click the link that says, "Manage your email newsletters." Uncheck every newsletter and then click the Update button.

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Click the link to visit the newsletter management page. Then, go to the home page and scroll down to find the blue box that says "Subscribe to Kim's Free Newsletters." Enter the new email address where you want to receive the newsletters and click Subscribe.

Click the link the email, and then select the newsletters you want to receive at that address. Kim’s newsletters come with her 100 percent spam-free guarantee. Kim’s newsletters are also 100 percent Can-Spam compliant.

Select the Newsletters tab and uncheck the newsletters you do not want to receive. Non-members: : Open a recent email newsletter you received from

At the bottom, click the link that says, "Manage your email newsletters." Check the newsletters you wish to receive and click the Update button.

Click that button to see the entire article on one page.

On a multipage article, scroll down until you see the “View All” button.Remember to include the full name of the advertiser and its Web address (URL), if possible.We will remove ads with inappropriate or misleading content.Here are the specific email account "names" and addresses used to send the newsletters to you: Weekend Digital Digest: [email protected] Tip: [email protected] Downloads, Cool sites, Best Apps: [email protected] News: [email protected] Videos: [email protected] Apple: [email protected] Today Column: [email protected]'s Insider: [email protected] Alerts: [email protected] Business Tips: [email protected] the upper right corner of the Newsletter, click the “View this email as a webpage” link.An HTML version of the newsletter will open in your default Web browser.Some email programs and many spam filters allow you to create an approved list of friendly addresses.

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