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In the absence of samples suitable for scientific dating, dates could not be decided scientifically.

A subsequent gap between the human settlements and black and red ware clay utensils belonging to the year 900 BC.

The modern man appeared in East Africa about one hundred thousand years ago.

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In this aspect, red soil sand deposits along the Northern, Southern and North Western sea belts of Sri Lanka are significant.

Top The Excavation Division, through its research, has scientifically proved that our prehistoric heritage dates back to 125,000 years.

have been discovered while an idea on the iron technology that prevailed during the period has also been obtained.

Archaeological evidence has been discovered to the effect that this stupa was constructed by King Mahanaga as mentioned in the Chronicles.

Therefore, the oldest evidences of the modern man have been discovered in Sri Lanka. The history of Ruhuna has been dated back to 1000 years in the pre-Christian era. According to the excavating technology available at the time, only meager information could be obtained.

According to the research undertaken hitherto, prehistoric information of Sri Lanka consists of several contexts. It has been established that this culture prevailed upto the last stage of the early historic period. The Citadel represents the historic period from 5th century B. Embodying the research findings, Volume I and II of 'Ancient Ruhuna' has been already published whereas Volume III is scheduled to be published by the end of 2011 and Volume IV, in 2012. Here, the excavations were undertaken for the first time by Mr. However, it was discovered that the place had had its origin in the 5th century B. In order to alleviate the discrepancies, the Department of Archaeology has planned a scientific excavation to be undertaken in 2011.

The first Tamil ruler of the Anuradhapura Kingdom, Ellalan, an invader, is recorded for the 2nd century BCE.

The island was divided into numerous kingdoms over the following centuries, intermittently (between CE 993–1077) united under Chola rule.

Very valuable information has been the discoveries made regarding the technology of microliths, rituals and the food patterns of the prehistoric man, are of extreme importance.

In discussing the existence of the modern man, archaeologist consider the "Out of Africa", theory, extremely important.

The first methodical excavation of the Department of Archaeology had been carried out by Mr. Subsequently, the exploration and excavation activities were undertaken mainly in Anuradhapura and Sigiriya with the guidance of Mr. It was also discovered that tropical rain forests existed during this period.

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