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It’s the driving force for Peter Parker throughout the entire film, and it’s also the catalyst for a new kind of origin story for Spidey.Don’t worry, we don’t see the famous spider bite again, there’s no flashback to a pep talk from Uncle Ben.

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recruited Peter Parker at his Queens apartment and his arrival at the airport in Berlin in .

It’s a hilarious home video sequence where we really get to see Peter Parker’s teenage side, his excitement barely contained as he travels to Berlin, gets a new Spider-Man suit, and can’t stop bugging his handler Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau).

If there’s one complaint that I have about Adrian Toomes, it’s that when all is said and one, he’s not quite the middle class, blue collar guy he’s portrayed to be, but maybe that’s what makes him more villainous in the end. Spidey’s acrobatics have never been more impressive, and the way the camera follows him through the city and in face-offs with our villain gives the proceedings plenty of flair.

Michael Giacchino‘s score also works surprisingly well.

Some fans have been worried that this wouldn’t be enough of a solo Spider-Man movie with Tony Stark poking his nose around.

But in all honesty, Stark does his best to stay out of the proceedings until absolutely necessary.

isn’t just a title that describes what’s happening in the high school life of the superhero’s young alter ego Peter Parker (Tom Holland).

It’s also evocative of the fact that the webslinger is finally back home where he belongs, in the same cinematic universe as his other Marvel Comics comrades, the Avengers.

Tom Holland is fantastic in his turn as this new Spider-Man.

We only got a taste of his acting chops in , but he’s an outstanding, wise-cracking Spider-Man as well.

That’s right, Tony Stark has just created a new villain.

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