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After a few minutes, get brave and ever-so-slightly, shift your arm in an obvious manner towards your date. Does your date reciprocate back by bring their arm closer to yours?

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If you want, you can clasp your date’s hand briefly while saying that.

You’ve built the touch and both of you would be feeling very intimate in the dim setting by now.

# Place your elbow on a small part of the armrest or adjust your hand really close to the armrest.

Don’t make it seem like you’re hogging the armrest though.

It’s a first movie date and it’s still about looking good and making a good impression on your date though.

One important tip, wear good perfume, especially around your neck.

[Read: 20 signs of attraction on the first date] Go close, really close Go really close to your date after about ten minutes and if you’re a guy, softly whisper into your date’s ear and ask your date if she’s having a good time.

If you’re the girl, go really close to his ear and softly tell him that you’re having a great time.

If both your arms have been touching for more than five minutes, it’s only a matter of time before one of your arms get sore and prickly.

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