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This situation applies to many young women dating older men.

Cheryl: “ As matchmakers, attraction can go either way with age differences but it’s when we decide to enter long term relationships we try to narrow down the gap.” A significant age difference doesn’t make a relationship meaningless or any less real, but it may create some challenges that don’t exist when a couple is closer in age.

Enjoy and appreciate the relationship for what it is and as long as it lasts.

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Robinson” Suzanna: “I always encourage people to date out of spirit not from a place of ego…as you end up with better results.” “Revising Mrs.

Robinson” Although the dating world has evolved with women being more and more independent, age-gap relationships are and have always been controversial.

talking about a man in his 50’s, it’s far likely that he’s going to be dating someone 15 years his senior…

I’m with a woman who’s a little shy of 60…and my lower limit is about 35 for younger women.” Before beginning any serious committed relationship, it’s important to assess your motivations when there’s a significant age difference.

These days men are not the only ones who date younger people.

We have entered the era of equal opportunity for women in the dating and relationship world, where a mature lady becomes sexually and or emotionally involved with a much younger man.Reid: “I’ve never discriminated in my life, it’s more about the person…being attracted to an older woman, it’s good for a young man’s ego and then…there’s a cross over point…which men want a certain amount of experience…at a certain point you do go age appropriate and…But for women, being with somebody younger makes them feel older as generally speaking, women are much more conscious and critical of themselves when it comes to appearances.Bruce: “I’m pretty active and somebody older wouldn’t keep up with me and I think an older man with a younger woman can get along good cause they can share different life experiences and grow together but the woman definitely has to be mature enough.” Cheryl: “Do you think the physical nature has a lot to do with it?We can all agree that what makes and breaks relationships are the people in them, and whether there’s two years difference between them, or fifteen, surely what matters more is whether they’re a genuinely good person, which stage of life they have reached and what their values, lifestyles and goals are.

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