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“He took two hostages along with her, but he let them go, and he kept her and took her into the basement,” said Dr. “He had a couple of guns, and he was shooting at people,” podiatrist Stuart Kirschenbaum explained. The fire department, really they couldn’t get in there because of the gunman.” So the building burned with spectacular flames shooting through the roof and heavy smoke billowing.

Doctors and patients watched in horror as the west side staple burned to the ground.

Iranian women are banned from entering sports stadiums.

Recently, Ghoncheh Ghavami and fellow protesters were arrested for demanding to be allowed into a stadium in Tehran.

Fake clinics run by people who are anti-abortion are also rife in the US.

• In Latin America and the Caribbean, of the 4.4 million abortions performed in the region in 2008, 95% were unsafe.

After the trysts were revealed, Mc Cree was named in a lawsuit by King, who accused the judge of violating his civil rights after he ordered him to wear an electronic tether until he paid child support.

Disgraced: The Supreme Court has ended a lawsuit against former Detroit judge Wade Mc Cree (pictured) who had an affair with a woman whose child support case he was presiding over, it was revealed on Monday Affair: Mc Cree had a sexual relationship with Geniene La’Shay Mott (left) while he was overseeing the case between her and her ex-husband, Robert King, in 2012.• According to local press in New Zealand earlier this year, a woman was banned from playing in a Southland-wide club rugby competition.• It was only after national outrage that an 11-year-old football player – who was kicked off her local Catholic Youth Organisation football team because she was a girl – was allowed to play again.• Dutee Chand, a teen from India, was banned from the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games because she had hyperandrogenism, which is the presence of high levels of testosterone in the body.She is currently fighting the ban in court.• But it's not just women who have restrictions against playing sport: There are laws against women enjoying sport too.• Some studies show that only seven states in the US guarantee that women's birth control prescriptions will be filled."When a woman walks into a pharmacy with a birth-control prescription from her doctor, she should walk out with the medication—without intimidation, delay, or harassment," the organisation states.• Across the country, federal and state bans and restrictions on abortion are commonplace.• In Saudi Arabia, women are banned from driving a car.

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