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In actuality, Hanare's technique had allowed her to gather information regarding Konoha from Inoichi during the interrogation, and Kakashi had realised this during the kiss, when his Sharingan had met with her eye.

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We got a balance, we got some characters, and hopefully, maybe soon will be the optimizations.

No longer just a Sannin, Tsunade is the new Kage of Konoha, and has taken a large amount of responsibility on her shoulders.

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As a young child, Hanare was said to be very lonely since she had never known her family or seen her own village.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura stalked the pair thinking that they are involved.

Falling down from the tree, making fools of themselves, also making Kakashi kiss Hanare by accident when they both fell.

Kakashi caught up to her on a cliff ready to fight her.

Hanare said she had erased the memories that she gained from Konoha, as she had been accepted and found the home she always wanted there.

Hanare, a spy from Jōmae Village from the Land of Keys, was summoned to infiltrate the Land of Fire and to investigate Konoha affairs.

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