Nigerian parents and dating

Here are some of the things you know if you have Nigerian parents: Whether they are talking on the phone, laughing at the TV, calling you downstairs, or upset, Nigerian parents can’t seem to talk at a level lower than that of a light aircraft flying past your ear.

They marry, not for the curiosity, but because they are bonded and are determined to make a success of the marriage institution; they are bonded by love and faith and a commitment to one another to live their lives as one in a happy matrimony.

The more I notice this phenomenon, the more I wonder about some Nigerian men. Culturally, Nigerian men are overbearing, controlling, and paternalistic.

I distinctly remember my mum dropping down on her knees in tears and begging me to reconsider my career choice after I told her I decided not to become a lawyer but a journalist instead. Many of my friends have caved into the pressure and fallen into one of the first three options. We now know Lagos is a party city and we’re down to go and shake a leg. You’ve literally just thrown your hat up for the token picture and the quick-fire questions start shooting: ‘Where’s your husband? For many Nigerian parents, Jesus is their best friend.

So much so, a few of them might take the notion of praying in the midnight hour to a whole new level.

In cities across Nigeria, these changes are noticeable; but over all, the effects of these changes are minimal.

A Nigerian may be well read, well educated and well traveled, in the end though, he will succumb to the weight and influence of the Nigerian culture.They relate to their fathers and mothers differently.They believe it is “a man’s world” and so they have the tendency to relegate women to subservient roles. True globalization and modernity and westernization are impacting the Nigerian culture.My goodness, here are a group of macho men, fiercely independent, with a burgeoning sense of entitlement who thinks the world belongs to them; and that women are made to be at their beck-and-call.Here they are; they have suddenly or gradually gone soft and sensitive and romantic and wide-eyed.In droves, they are marrying Caribbean nationals, White-Americans and African-Americans.

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