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And both athletes are excited for the cake tastings on the near horizon. : "[Wedding planning is] actually going to gear up in the next few weeks.

The timing was a little bit off, but the look was on.”caught up with Nikki on the red carpet following her performance to talk about her low score, her wedding to fiancé John Cena, Artem’s abs and more.

Even his mom thought we killed it, so he’s like, “Who cares what they say? I think in the beginning, I would laugh so much and there was so much grinding and face rolls.

The details of the event were kept pretty mum, though guest and brow artist Olivia Wingen told E!

News that the bash was equally sporty and delicious.

, we'll get to see Nia try to find a new boo and learn a lot about herself in the process."The girls put me out on a date and I have a really great moment with Nikki and Brie," Nia shared with E! "Embracing myself and embracing the world of dating.

Just putting myself out there to meet somebody." But the real question is, did she find love?Hopefully, in the next few weeks the wedding planning is really going to amp up!, most recently scoring 36 out of 40 points for a romantic Argentine tango "movie night" on Monday.“Right as they were wheeling you to the OR, you were glassy and in-and-out, and my last chance, the very last second, I said stop. ’ And you said ‘yes.’ And I said ‘well, I only have one question.’ You said ‘what is it.’ I said ‘do you know one day I’m going to marry you?’ And you said ‘yes.’ I just need you to say ‘yes’ one more time.” Cena and Bella began dating in 2012, but he had been very open about the fact that he preferred not to get married and have children.In the buildup to their match at Wrestle Mania, Maryse taunted Nikki Bella over the fact that Cena had not yet proposed, saying that Bella was jealous of Maryse’s ring.

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