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Speaking at the CBI conference this morning, Mrs May said she was determined to address allegations head-on - and stressed she had stepped in to trigger investigations in some cases before allegations emerged publicly.

The comments came amid suggestions Mrs May has put the Tories on a 'state of readiness' to fight by-elections.

Mrs May said the agreement was an 'important step forward' following the talks in Parliament as a sex scandal threatens to engulf politics.

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Amber Rudd suggested yesterday that sex pest MPs should be kicked out of Parliament She said a review of the rules for dealing with harassment should consider removing guilty MPs from Parliament.

Labour's John Mann has said the scandal engulfing Westminster would lead to 'at least 12 by-elections'.

Even with the support of the DUP, Mrs May has a Commons majority of just 13, which would be wiped out if she lost seven seats.

One minister last night warned that the Tories were in 'no fit state to present ourselves to the electorate' and said the only consolation was 'neither are Labour'.

Not quite a hotel, but better than the average prison, the nightly rate gives prisoners widescreen HDTV and gaming tables – cells, beds, bathrooms and showers are all standard issue though, according to the station.

The city is not yet offering suites for an even higher price.

Fremont, CA recently began charging inmates 5 a night to stay in a previously unused jail.

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