Sexchat no mebershib - Nude on wechat

According to a mainland Chinese media report in July, two Chinese students entering Australia were both deported on the same day by Australian Customs after it was found that their mobile phones contained images that were illegal.

After four slaps on the wrist, accounts that continue to run afoul of the rules will be banned permanently.

This is China's latest attempt to clean up the Internet.

Many famous national Internet companies such as, and were involved in the hacking case.

The stolen information might be sold or used to seek profit by cheating and advertising.

“The fact that a paper known for its pro-democratic position is the target of cyber-attacks raises grave concerns about information freedom in Hong Kong,” Benjamin Ismaïl, head of the Asia-Pacific desk of Reporters Without Borders.

It is reported that the personal information of over 6 million users on CSDN was leaked almost in one night.

The incident was uncovered by IT security vendor Woo Yun on Thursday, and was later confirmed by 12306

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Also out are stories of "wife-swapping, sexual abuse, and other harmful information." The same goes for explicit pictures and text, such as nude photos and erotic anime, all of which are now banned on We Chat.

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