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36-year-old Nadya Suleman is dating 23-year-old Frankie G an amateur bodybuilder who might find media attention from his relationship with Suleman quite helpful since is bodybuilding career is not really what we expect it to be.

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In a recent press release, HDNet chairman Mark Cuban promised that the show will be entertaining, stating that he hopes the series will demonstrate that love can happen between anyone."We are exploring the age-old concept of what it takes to find love," Cuban said.

"The show will remind viewers that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and it can happen to anyone, between any two people.

"This is actually the first time I have dated in my life.

I've had one boyfriend, it was very fascinating to me; it was an unforgettable experience. That's just my personality." is a new series that pairs singles with Hollywood celebrities.

She said she wouldn’t start dating until the youngest of her 14 children would have grown up.“I won’t date until the octuplets are 18 – I live for them now”, she told British “Closer” magazine in 2011.

Frankie Grageda, who drops his surname in favor of G because it must sound cooler, is a 23-year-old amateur bodybuilder with Tanning Mom-esque skin.

Speaking to "Every day I would wake up with the most ugly, dead, visceral feeling inside of me. I felt less than human as that character I was pretending to be, to survive and provide for my family." The "character" of Octomom led Natalie to do a pornographic film, for which she won four Adult Video Network awards, and appear in strip clubs.

She felt these gigs were necessary to take care of her family, but they also made Natalie feel "disgusted" in who she had become: 'What [Octomom] was disgusted me and I did not want my children to remember me like that.

I was forced into doing things I didn't want to do because I was so terrified I couldn't support them and give them the life I deserved.

When I abandoned it and went back to who I really am I had that sense of peace, internal joy.""I was so low I was taking prescription drugs, benzodiazepines.

“I can tell you that I never touched him physically.

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