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The Peacefulwife and I each took a turn at trying to explain how we try to find this balance.

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But ultimately, I know that God is leading me through him, and I know now that I may be fighting God’s will if I fight against my husband’s decision.

I also know that he can hear God MUCH more clearly.

God gives the greater challenge to husbands in His design for marriage. I usually focus only on a wife’s perspective and what she can do on her own to honor God, but a husband can make submission, respect and cooperation SO much easier and more attractive for his wife by laying down his life for her and loving her as Christ loves the church. But I believe a wife’s obedience to God’s commands for marriage make it much easier for a husband to learn to be like Christ and a godly leader.

I think that just like wives can go too far one way and be controlling/ disrespectful or too far the other way as a doormat – husbands can also veer off course. I love how God honors one spouse’s obedience and can change a marriage even if only one spouse obeys Him.

The Peacefulwife chose a few years back to totally put her trust in me and respect me 100%.

I never asked her to do this nor could I have made her.In reality your wife needs to put her trusts in God believing that you will love her as Christ loved the church.This is a lot harder to put into practice than to read about.And some other times I would have also created big messes that were unnecessary.Now I look back on some of his decisions with gratitude.Of course, if BOTH are seeking to obey God together – THAT is how things work best of all!

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