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Question 1: Would I still be a virgin if I have oral sex? In a clip aired on ABC’s Good Morning America, their answer was: “Technically, no.” And that makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Now, exchange your quiz with the person beside you and get those grading pens out!

We’ll go over the answers together, just to make everything more awesome and awkward!

I highly recommend you to use following techniques: Just keep in mind that stimulating more than one erogenous zone will help you build that sexual tension inside of her and she will be more likely to achieve climax (the more areas you stimulate, the stronger and more probable her orgasm should be).

Read More: 10 Most Popular Female Sex Toys Just like your fingers, toys can also be used to stimulate more than one erogenous zone.

Of course, you’re all smart enough to know all of this.

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