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We saw mile after mile of terraced houses, dating from the late 1800s and early 1900s.It must have been a couple of years later that I bought a copy of by Steen Eiler Rasmussen.

In order to use the narrow site each of these small houses has got a bay, and the brickwork is decorated with ornamented concrete details, columns, lintels and other trumpery.

This typical house, built for people of the lower classes, contains two living rooms and kitchen on the ground floor and on the first floor three bedrooms and bathroom.

biological” reaction to associate an actor’s face and voice with a specific character — particularly a borderline despicable one like his “Mad Men” on-screen alter-ego.

Kartheiser, who recently starred on Nat Geo’s “Saints & Strangers” miniseries, does it too, so he can’t blame you for human nature.

These are the requirements of an average London house.

We bought just such a swarthy little house, backing on the railway, with its trumpery and a projecting kitchen wing, a couple of years after we got here.Today rising house prices have brought a wave of newcomers among us.They find themselves in a stratum of the available architectural genres that is, in various ways, not adequate to their needs.Vincent Kartheiser understands why you hate him, even though he’s not actually Pete Campbell.“I’m a human being too,” he told The Wrap during a recent interview, saying it is a “universal …It was (and remains) adequate for our needs and we have lived in it ever since.

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