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That should be the first thing in the owner’s manual, but the Chinglish manual that came with the test gun puts the instructions for this way back toward the back of the manual.

Fortunately, Edith rewrote the manual, and you can find it in the Pyramyd Air manual library. However, the current Sam Yang guns come with the new manual.

with a .433 roundball in a 20-gauge shot cup, and he managed to kill a very small wild pig down in Florida, which gave birth to the modern big bore airgunning craze.

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I remember when Dennis Quackenbush first offered the Brigand — a .375 caliber roundball shooter that ran on CO2.

It was 1996, I believe, and there simply were no other modern big bore air rifles around at the time. There were a few boutique makers producing a handful of guns, many of which were “engineered” so close to the edge of disaster that shooters risked their lives every time they filled them.

Then there are certain written records than make obscure references to someone (Guter?

) living in Nuremberg around 1550 who is associated with mechanical airguns.

I tried shooting hand-thrown clay pigeons and quit after hearing the shot bounce off them at about 20 yards.

But importer Davis Schwesinger filled his gun with higher-pressure air, getting around 1,200 f.p.s.

The stock and forearm are made from beautiful figured walnut and have several panels of sharp laser-cut checkering on both the pistol grip and the forearm.

Most fine air rifle stocks are made in Asia today, and the quality of the workmanship is first class.

That’s the same time that schuetzen shooting all but died off here in the U. Fast-forward to the early-1990s, and big bores re-emerge in the marketplace.

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