Predating in radioactive dating is more accurate than relative dating because

Parasitoids are organisms living in or on their host and feeding directly upon it, eventually leading to its death.

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Other apex predators include the sperm whale, Komodo dragon, tiger, and most eagles and owls.

Many predators eat from multiple levels of the food chain.

The wasp larvae feed on the growing host, eventually killing it.

Parasitoids make up as much as 10% of all insect species.

Unlike typical parasites, they always kill their hosts, but often not instantly.

Parasitoid wasps are solitary insects that live a free life as adults, laying eggs on or in other insects such as lepidopteran caterpillars.

One way of classifying predators is by trophic level.

Carnivores that feed on heterotrophs are secondary consumers; their predators are tertiary consumers, and so forth.

Predators may hunt actively for prey in pursuit predation, or sit and wait for prey to approach within striking distance in ambush predation.

Grazing animals generally do not kill their prey, but like predators, they live by feeding on other organisms.

This is best understood in the context of the gene centered view of evolution.

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