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Overlooked Printer Settings When you are managing printers on a windows print server, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Printer Logic breaks out the printer's options into easy to navigate tabs and from a single location you can manage all of the printer's device settings and printing preferences.

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You can assign drivers to printers according to the specific operating systems supported in your environment and Printer Logic takes it from there.

Any driver changes or updates will be replicated across your environment automatically.

9] If you are using an HP printer, run the HP Print and Scan Doctor and see if it helps fix the problem.

10] If you have connected the printer locally, switch the USB Port and see.

Contact us today to see a demonstration of the software and a free proof of concept to see it in action in your environment.

At times your Printer may give out an error message – User intervention required on your Windows 10/8/7 computer when you go on to print some documents. If you face issues with the Service, run the Print Spooler Cleanup Diagnostic from Microsoft.

This can cause the spooler to run slow or stop responding.

That means you either need to get on the print server and reset the spooler or change how the spooler is configured.

Managing printing and print servers is a royal pain no matter who you are, even if you've achieved Gandalf the White status as the manager of the Windows print server world.

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