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Sadly these creams take well over 2 hours to put on and dry and most days I just dont have time for it.

If I didnt have psoriasis would I date someone who had it.......

The oil is good though for skin though, I usually put a little in my bath water to soften it.

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The borage and hemp oil is good like the other writers said.

Take a bath in collodial oatmeal, that soothes the skin (dry brushing your skin before bathing wil expedite removal)...

Do some searching about yeast overgrowth, alkaline foods, tackle this and you can go out without this on your mind, since stress makes it worse. Bye-Bye Yes sweetie your not the only one, I am not sure if it's because of the way we feel having it and we just think no one will, or if it's the fear of others who just don't understand it and think they will catch something. I do love how people without it have all kinds of idea's on how they can get rid of it, lol.

I will tell you that I am really anti-drug and last Feb I finally broke down and agreed to get on Humera and in three months it was almost completely clear, I had not one side affect and no problems with it, however I guess I am one of the rare ones that it came back after that and the dr said he doesn't see relaps on anyone before two to three years. It's a heightened immune disease, has nothing to do with heat, it all stems from the intestines, lowering the immune system stops it.

Hemp is the only plant containing Vitamin D, which is necessary for calcium absorption.

This is especially helpful to those on a vegan diet.If you wish to find more people, you want to start looking online.There are some websites that are particularly created for psoriasis dating.The problem normally comes from me or my confidence. I spent 3 months with the last person and basically refused her sex and then I just ended it for pretty much the same reason.Dovabet is the best cream out there and mares milk is also brilliant.I have suffered with the condation for many years and I have found it hard to get dates having this condition.

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