Psychiatrist dating former patient

If there had been no problems in his medical practice in the subsequent 8 years I think the right outcome would be (a) to reaffirm the correctness of the ethical standard but (b) to find a way of not disciplining him, while (c) being careful not to set a precedent that undermines the standard.The rationale for defining romantic/sexual relationships with current and former patients as unethical is twofold: to protect patients from the harms that these relationships can cause, and to prevent the loss of trust in the profession that would accrue if the public concludes that physicians are prepared to exploit patients for personal gain, as by "hitting" on them.

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Psychiatrist dating former patient

In my own specialty - psychiatry - the code asserts that sex with current or former patients is unethical.

So if you're a psychiatrist, the code answers your question - you did breach the ethics of the specialty....

Turner continued to wield strong power over Amy, quickly moving into Amy's $5 million apartment (from a small, ground-floor rental unit) and, starting almost immediately (through a succession of wills and trust amendments), attempting to receiver her entire estate - a fact which only came to light after Amy's death,' claims Randy.

During this time Randy claims his sister began to mentally deteriorate and that she never saw another doctor, save her monthly meetings with with a pharma-psychiatrist who only prescribed her drugs and provided no talk therapy.

The answer lies in the unique nature of the doctor-patient relationship and the power imbalance in that relationship.

Patients may be vulnerable—for example, those who have mental health issues or who see doctors at difficult times in their lives, such as during illness or bereavement.

Assuming the former intern has practiced in exemplary fashion for 8 years, that would exceed what a probationary period would entail.

As a member of the specialty society it's important for him to understand and support the ethical precepts of the society.

The former intern's happy marriage isn't evidence against the standard.

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