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Yung: My clients are usually professionals: bankers, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs or executives.I would say the quality of the people in my agency is quite high. People who have no time to get a drink, people who live generally further from bars or restaurants, or people whose social circles are less defined.

Lim: As a matchmaker, we work closely with our singles to learn more about their preferences.

What kind of profile, physical and personality preferences do they have?

But before there was Tinder, Grindr or Happn, there were matchmakers, and they’re still thriving despite the onslaught of online dating companies.

Coconuts Hong Kong spoke to three different matchmakers – JJ Wu Chang of Find Love in HK, Violet Lim of Lunch Actually, and Yvonne Yung of Professionals’ Matchmaking Consultancy – to uncover the secrets of this trade and ask them about the current Hong Kong dating scene. Yvonne Yung: I think the big problem in Hong Kong’s dating scene is the proportion of girls and boys.

Clients will also call us to ask for dating tips or advice and we will help them in any way we can.

What types of people do you think use matchmaking agencies the most?

If so, why do you think there is a gender imbalance?

Lim: One reason is that in the past, marriage is seen as a way to financial stability for women.

Lim: We recently polled 2,000 singles in Asia and asked them about their dating habits.

Interestingly, for men, the first thing that would attract them about a potential partner is kind-heartedness.

This in fact probably makes it even harder to meet people.

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